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    The tax on income is up to 33%. That is the third of what you have earned!

    Do you think it is fair?

    For example, the tax from individual income in Russia is 13%… Yes, thirteen.

    Russia has a very big territory to look after.

    It has a lot of “friends” who wants to bite a piece from it. Thus, Russia has the Army to protect its very very long boarders.

    Severe climate. So budget goes to clean roads from snow and ice, keep warmth in buildings.

    Free medicine without long waiting lists. Free means free at all, so you don’t need to pay at all, including for visiting your doctor and to buy medicines.

    Free quality education, including trade schools and college. If you are an excellent student, tertiary education is also for free.

    Pension system is also from taxes.

    And what do you get for 33% of tax?

    You still pay for doctor visits, ambulance, medicine… Wait in a long queue for treatment for months and even more that a year.
    New Zealand has no descent Army to take a huge part from the budget. No enemies, no KGB, CIA…

    Also you pay ACC. Yes it sounds like a good and a must have without asking you “option”. In the same Russia from that 13% tax people are cured and treated from any home or work injures. Thus, it is one more way to get your money.

    Flexible tax sounds fair, but on practice, when you have a second job to earn for a better life and pay your mortgage, you work twice more but get paid less then double as you tax increases significantly. Thus, you have less interest in working more. Thus, the government does not want you to contribute more… That is weird to say politely.

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