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    Standard of living

    Standard of living shows the quality of life.

    When I came to New Zealand and saw it with my eyes, I was shocked by the beauty of the nature and by nice and kind people living here.

    Lost in time islands

    After living here for a while I started noticing things that is far from ideal which makes New Zealand a big village which lives in the past and is behind the world.

    Old houses without proper insulation. People straggle living in cold rooms. Some have fire place, air conditioner and smart vent systems but they almost not use it as electricity is expensive here. Even in Siberia I had +25 *C in all rooms. But that cold in rooms makes the life not as comfortable.

    Two water taps instead of modern and comfortable one. One gives cold water and the other hot. So the water is cold or hot and you cannot make it warm… Kiwi use a sink filled with cold and hot water to make it warm. So I have to wash the sink with a soap to have it clean. Only after that fill with mixed water to make it comfortable to use. Well, it is the Stone Age… And they still use them as they are a little cheaper… I decided to put more words her as many people would not understand what is wrong here as they got used to it…

    Cheap houses from sticks cost 0.5-1.3 million dollars!!! There are a lot of real estate agencies and other speculators including banks and even the government and all of them took part in that huge price increase. The more expensive housing the more interest they have in their pockets. Why I said including the government? Because, as the matter of facts, they support it by all means. Yes, that is the government elected by you. Do you know why housing and land for it cost as much? You can say it is because of too many people and materials are very expensive… No. It is because you need a house to live badly and they can get that huge money from you for all your life. That is why it is and always be so expensive. It will always be the same until The Right Party comes to play.

    Credits from banks are very very expensive. 17% without inflation… about 50% for credit card… Who rules New Zealand? Who has big money. And all laws are for them. The government serves them but not New Zealanders.

    I wanted to go to the forest to have a walk and enjoy the nature but as you drive you see wire fence along and closed gates. All is a privet property here. All land is sold. All you can see on 2 small islands is just grass fields… All priceless ancient native trees were cut… Waste of land. I must admit that New Zealand is not a continent but only 2 small islands.

    New Zealand is still a “free” colony of Great Britain… Without the president and with the government that can be cancelled any time.

    Everything is so expensive with limited choice. Yes, it is island located far from civilization. But it is 21st century already if you have forgotten it.

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