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    Discrimination and human rights

    Since I moved to New Zealand and now I still feel discriminated.

    Human rights are not well protected in New Zealand. There are some tools to use, but the practice shows opposite. Everyone wants to get as much as possible from you. On my first job in New Zealand even I got my electrical license I was still paid less than others. My second job contract included lines that I cannot join any trade union, seek legal advice…. and I was paid less than Kiwi. No x1,5 overtime payment and my normal hours were 10 hours a day and I worked everyday including weekends. Luckily I had weekend every second week. Third job. 3 days, 3 nights and only 3 off. Long 12 hours shifts without x1,5 overtime payment. Last job I had to fight 4 months for what was written on my contract. And still, I pay to KiwiSaver twice, for myself and for my employer… No promotions as I was an ETU union member they did not helped me at all to sort my problems when I have to fight for 4 months for my rights. It is still not sorted… So I decided to organize a union myself. Still waiting already 3 months to be registered…

    As you can see human rights are not protected in New Zealand and I am still being discriminated by nationality. You can say seek legal advice and protect your rights as well as your pay rate. Well, when you need a job and that job is the only more relative job in the area, you don’t want to loose it and wen you came to negotiate they usually show on free exit from the factory.

    As I never surrender, I started The Right Union and The Right Party to protect human rights and improve standard of living for very nice Kiwi people.

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