The right future

The Right Party

The right political party of New Zealand.
Let’s unite to bring right things to every aspect of our life.

The right things couldn’t be wrong. The higher standard of living in New Zealand is in your hands. Create the right future for you and your kids!

The Right Party stands for right things in New Zealand:

  • High standard of living
  • Economical growth with excellent business possibilities
  • Transparent economy
  • Effective tax usage
  • High social protection
  • Free tertiary education
  • Free and effective medicine
  • Adequate housing cost and financing
  • Green country. We need forests
  • Form human capital
  • Develop advanced technologies for economical growth
  • Add more in the comments below.

Take a part in forming future of New Zealand in our blog, or your future will be written by others!

The Right Party is not just talking, as all political parties do, but already acts to set High Standard of Living in New Zealand

  • The Right Union – to protect our employees and make them happy at work. Happy at work, which is the big part of a life, happy at home, stronger the family.
  • Creator’s Cross – the future medicine for our people – to be happy we need strong health.
  • Affordable housing – quality modern warm homes for our people. Better home, stronger family and higher standard of living. (the near future project)
  • Other projects are coming up soon.

If you wish the bright future to New Zealand, which benefits with a high standard of living for all people, join The Right Party.

Take your future in your hands!


Any comments and suggestions are welcome in the comments below.

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